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In Memory of Bob Goodwyn

We have been blessed with the donation of a 4-acre piece of property, located near the school, that will serve as home base for Ozark Outdoor Adventures.   The Farm, will eventually include a garden, an energy efficient meeting place, chicken coop, animal stalls 
and trails to provide an engaging hands-on experience for the youth to learn. Bob Goodwyn, who was a close friend of David Bushner, had a heart for Christ and a dream of hosting community meals and other activities that would help build a faith-based community.


Unfortunately, the property was victim of vandals and fell into disrepair.  It is not salvageable, due to mold and massive damage, other than some of the materials that will be reclaimed for other outbuildings. 

Phase One of the Farm project will be to clean up the property and demolish the house. We are in need of a dumpster and will set up a number of clean-up days, which will involve picking up trash, salvaging usable materials, and demolishing of the structure.

Phase Two will be drawing up plans for the new building and confirming utilities (water/sewer/electricity).  The purpose of this building will include a main meeting space,  an industrial kitchen,  and a recreational area.   A separate building will be constructed as a workshop.

Phase Three will be ground preparation and construction of the main building.

Our financial goals for the Farm are $62,270 in cash and $50-$75,000 in materials.

If you are interested in helping with the Farm construction or with donating materials... click here.

If you would like to donate money to the Farm.... click here.

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